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If you are looking for Consultancy, Strategy, Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing Agency, Business Analysis, Freelance Web Design, System Testing, Performance, Automation, Load or Web Analytics, You’ve come to the right place!

I am also passionate about Sport and fashion. I try to exercise when I can (Qualified as a Personal Trainer), but time is money. I can be pretty useful on a football pitch, but my priority is getting paid as much as I can by bringing the most economic value to the marketplace (I did n’t say I was subtle ;))

Please appreciate that we are a start-up and we will try to provide the best service possible with the budget and time that we have.

As always, our Web Page and Social Media Accounts are a part of the Continual Development process. The hope is that the quality and quantity of visitors increases quickly. When I am not trying to Network, add value and travel a little, I like to take the occasional trip to The Emirates Stadium (Arsenal fan).

Money has many functions; it can grow a business, it can buy better health, political influence, better Ones appearance, purchase a home, repair a damaged asset, or simply purchase basic neccessities such as food. I guess my Love for Economics drew me to Arsenal Football Club as a young Boy. Seeing an economist in charge of a football team seemed to knit together 2 of my favourite passions- Money and Football.

The arrival of Thierry Henry and others, the evolution of diet and nutrition and the marketability of Premier League is something I can relate to. I am a keen reader- utilising Tech such as Kindle and Audible during my commutes. Combining tasks saves time and money for myself and clients. During work lunchbreaks, I might be found doing some bodysquats in a toilet cubicle. We all have the same 24 hours…

I love technology and the influence it has. The ability to communicate with a huge audience, find a partner closely suited to You and use images to locate your goals fascinates me. The world was very different 20 Years ago.

I will try to add some of my favourite books, recommendations and online courses or people who have added massive value to my life. My Stepfather Gareth in particular has been incredible for me; treating me like his own and sharing 20+ Years of wisdom without charge. A Software Contractor with his Network and expertise can demand huge figures; for that I am extremely blessed. I did not follow the traditional educational route like most of my cardboard/drone-like school friends. By the age of 30, 50% of people will have ventured in to Higher Education of some kind. I’m also blessed to have loving parents who tolerate my failures without punishment. They understand that failure is part of the learning curve, and people should not live in fear of making mistakes. Discipline and routine is important for a framework; but do not allow this to stiffle creativity.

Some Professions and trades are valued more in certain areas. Oncology Nurses are valued highly in Australia. Software Engineers seem to do pretty well in the UK and US.

I don’t think I will ever follow that path, given the availability of free and paid Online education. I love the convenience of learning from a mobile phone and choosing my own pace of learning. For that reason, the university business model is old, outdated and reactive. There are some changes of late which I’m pleased to see. I’ve lived and spent time in Cambridge, UK and found my creativity skyrockets there. Perhaps it’s the Spires?, the multicultural demgraphic? or maybe a change of scenery? Whatever it is, my mind opens, I accept and question my Philosophy and amend my beliefs there.

To the untrained Eye, it might appear that I do not value Education. I am a Self-Starter and will be found researching and Reading most hours of most days; it’s a habit of a lifetime (much to the annoyance of some of my former Bosses. This Guy just wants to learn- Always!) Intelligence is the Cause of Wealth.

Content directly to the recipient is the ideal scenario. With Whatsapp and other Social Media channels, consulting can be ongoing; but the educator should be paid well, and rightly so. I guess I’m passionate about education, acurate, timely and reliable information too. Naturally this pushes me towards Forex, Politics and the City of London- The information Capital of Europe (where I frequently visit).

If I had to pick a Country to be born in to out of a hat, it’s unlikely I’d throw England back. Of course there are a few Countries with a better Quality of Life Index, but that depends on a number of factors- Income, Social Status, Education, Health, Wealth, Family, Gini-Coefficients, Upbringing, Motivation and Ones Profession (To name a few).

Thanks for visiting. We may become Busi

ness partners, friends, fans or simply passing ships. The Goal is to build Long-term Strategic relationships.

I wish to share my journey with You; Please stick around and connect with me through Social Media. I am open to hearing ideas of all kinds regardless of your past, present or future 🙂

Wishing You infinite Health, Wealth and Happiness.

Aiden J Long



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